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You don't coerce or injure others. Why can politicians do it?

Does greed justify State power?

Or does The State magnify greed?

Selfishness and Greed

We hear this claim all the time — The State needs to control the free market because people are greedy. We have a new Mental Lever to answer this charge. Check it out below.

But first, next week, on  Tuesday, Jim Babka will appear in Orlando, Florida. Wednesday, he’ll be in Fort Myers, and Thursday he speaks in Tampa. His talk is titled, How one voluntaryist can turn Florida into a libertarian place. Specific times and places can be found on the Zero Aggression blog.

Can The State cure selfishness and greed?

By Perry Willis & Jim Babka

Statists believe politicians can regulate selfishness and greed.  There are four reasons they cannot..


By: Perry Willis

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