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You don't coerce or injure others. Why can politicians do it?
Left-Statists and Right-Statists

Who are the left-statists and right-statists?

Libertarians observe that so-called liberals, conservatives, neo-cons, social conservatives, socialists, and progressives all share something in common. They all want to initiate force to achieve their goals. But initiated force is inherently…

  • Illiberal
  • Non-conservative
  • Anti-social
  • Regressive, not progressive

Honest labels would describe what these groups really represent. They all advocate different forms of statism. Thus, it would be more honest to call them…

Left-statists and Right-statists

  • So-called liberals, progressives, and socialists, are Left-statists
  • So-called conservatives, neo-cons, and social conservatives are Right-statists

By comparison, libertarians believe governments must obey the Zero Aggression Principle. Governments must not initiate force. They must only use force defensively. 

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By Perry Willis & Jim Babka


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