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You don't coerce or injure others. Why can politicians do it?
Not Utopia

Is a libertarian society Utopian?

A society based on the Zero Aggression Principle won’t be perfect. But it will be better than the statist system we have now.

There will still be crime. But crime will be slashed, because the largest criminal gang, The State, will be replaced with legitimate governments.

There will still be external threats. But these threats will shrink, because The State will no longer be in the enemy creation business.

We will still need welfare. But the need will be smaller, because The State will no longer use violence-based funding to subsidize poverty. Welfare will be consumer controlled. This will increase the bonds of community, and provide more personalized, nurturing service.

There will still be fraud. But the fraud will shrink, because we won’t have to listen to political promises anymore!

As David Bergland wrote, “Utopia is not one of the options.” But if you want a realistically better society, please join us by subscribing to our free email newsletter.

By Jim Babka & Perry Willis

HT: David Bergland

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