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You don't coerce or injure others. Why can politicians do it?
Pre-Constitutional Rights

How do libertarians view Constitutional rights?

All human rights are pre-constitutional

The Declaration of Independence announced a universal principle…

Human beings have inalienable rights.

Some of these rights are named in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights, but the Ninth Amendment concedes that no such list can be complete. The rights that governments must honor are innumerable. As empathy evolves and expands, we discover more rights.

This concept of rights was not original to the Founders, but building a government based on it was. Please notice that the idea came first, and the government second. Therefore…

You do NOT get your rights from the Constitution.

Your rights existed BEFORE the Constitution was written. Human rights are “pre-constitutional rights.” If you believe these rights require governments to obey the Zero Aggression Principle, please work with us. Start by subscribing to our email newsletter.

By Jim Babka & Perry Willis

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