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You don't coerce or injure others. Why can politicians do it?

How we’ll start creating a libertarian America in 2019

Jim Babka and Perry Willis have a plan.

December 31st — last chance for 2018 deduction

A libertarian America seems distant. Signs point the opposite way. Statist candidates keep winning. Statist laws proliferate. What kind of idiot thinks a libertarian America is even possible, let alone about to dawn in 2019? Well…

Jim Babka and I are those idiots.

Jim Babka

Perry Willis

Jim and I have written a document called The Plan: How to create a libertarian America in as a little as ten years using resources that already exist.

That title probably strikes you as another bit of insanity. What resources could we possibly be talking about that…

  1. Already exist?
  2. Are sufficient to create a libertarian America in as little as ten years?

Well, we’re talking about 12 studies that establish the following startling facts…

  1. 30 million Americans already self-identify as libertarians.
  2. Another 30 million hold mostly libertarians positions on the issues.

Those numbers mean…

  • There are roughly as many libertarians as there are left-statists and right-statists.
  • There are enough potential libertarian activists and donors to equalize with the Left and Right.

But there are a few problems…

  • People on the Left and Right are active, while the libertarians are mostly dormant.
  • We don’t know who all the libertarians are, or where they are.

We’ll start solving both problems in 2019. We will begin…

  • Locating the 30-60 million (for those who already self-identify as libertarian this may be as simple as asking people, “Are you a libertarian?”)
  • Activating them to do libertarian work

The Plan describes how that will be done, and what the people we activate will do to create a libertarian America in the next ten years. You’ll begin seeing The Plan after New Year’s day. 

But you may wonder… Are the 30-60 million libertarians the same kind of libertarian you are? No. We think they break down into three broad categories…

Small government libertarians are people who take the libertarian position on enough issues to land in the libertarian sector of a Nolan Chart quiz (like our Political Conscience Test). Rand Paul and Gary Johnson are examples. There are tens of millions of small government libertarians. 

Limited-state libertarians think The State and tax-funding should be limited to police, courts, and national defense. We think there are millions of these people.

Voluntaryists believe all governmental functions can be better provided without a State or taxation. This type probably numbers in the tens of thousands.

So the question is…

How do we make the 30-60 million libertarians be more like YOU!

I started arguing for the following strategic principle all the way back in the 80s…

Discovery before persuasion.

Notice the words carefully. It does NOT say discovery instead of persuasion. It says discovery before persuasion. In other words…

  • Focus first on discovering people who already agree with you.
  • Try to persuade people who disagree only after you’ve run out of discovery opportunities.

That’s what Jim and I are proposing to do. First, we’ll find out who and where all the libertarians are (the discovery phase), and then we’ll start trying to persuade them to do two things…

  • Become active
  • Move in a voluntaryist direction

This is where the Zero Aggression Project comes in. The ZAP part of our operation will both discover libertarians, but also work to move them in a voluntaryist direction, by teaching them about the Zero Aggression Principle. And…

We’ve developed some powerful new tools to achieve this purpose!

You’ll see a new Zero Aggression Project website in January! It will…

  • Have a new look plus new and improved navigation
  • Be optimized for small screens
  • Offer powerful new tools

We hope to have your continued participation and increased support in the year ahead. Can you get 2019 off to a great start by making a year-end contribution, or starting or increasing a monthly pledge? Your donations are tax deductible, and midnight December 31st is your last chance to get such a deduction for 2018. We’ll use your money to…

  • Locate the 30-60 million libertarians.
  • Activate some of them to do libertarian work.
  • Move them in a voluntaryist direction by teaching them about the Zero Aggression Principle.

Please make your year-end donation or monthly pledge.

ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Perry Willis
Co-creator, Zero Aggression Project

By: Perry Willis

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