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You don't coerce or injure others. Why can politicians do it?

Our Copyright Policy

Soft-copyright. A Post-Statist Approach

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All the prose content on the Zero Aggression Project website is copyrighted by its authors, unless otherwise noted.

None of these copyrights are filed with the Federal State, nor are they likely to be enforced via a State court. Permission to copy and distribute any of the material on this site is hereby granted on the following basis…

  • You are sharing the material for educational rather than commercial purposes

  • You retain the author attributions and copyright notice

  • You notify the reader that the material was originally published at the website of the Zero Aggression Project

  • You link back to the original url for the material if you are reposting it on the web, or…

  • You give credit to the authors and the organization either in the text or in footnotes

  • You don’t edit the material, but quote it as it was written. In fact you can quote liberally!

So what will happen if you violate the above requirements?

Hopefully you will feel bad about it and quickly take steps to correct the problem. If we find out about it, we will certainly ask you to do so. Should you refuse to comply, or should your use of our material become wanton and widespread, we will probably make an effort to publicize your transgression. This may cost you customers and public trust.

Were we to exist in a post-statist society we might even take the case to a jury and ask for a judgement, though we would be unlikely to use a statist court for this purpose. In general, we think…

  • Customers will prefer to do business with those who create material, in order to foster further creation

  • The harm done by copyright violations is minimal

  • Public shaming and shunning are more appropriate to these kinds of transgressions than is state-mediated, violent retaliation

  • Jury judgments can be useful in extreme situations to further isolate the transgressor, but this will be expensive and useful only as a last resort in the most extreme cases.

In short, we make it easy for you to use and benefit from our material in a moral way. You merely have to exercise empathy. Treat us the way you would want to be treated. Follow our simple and reasonable requirements. This is our post-statist approach to copyright.

By: Perry Willis

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