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You don't coerce or injure others. Why can politicians do it?

What role does Empathy play in a libertarian society?

MENTAL LEVER: Empathy empowers rights.

You imagine how others…

We’ve just described Empathy.

It was Empathy that motivated us to create a legal system. We did this because we recognize that none of us wants to be…

  • Threatened
  • Robbed
  • Murdered

We also support due process and the presumption of innocence because of empathy. You imagine your innocent self in the shoes of the accused.

Thus, your rights actually exist in the self-interest of others. Your neighbor could menace, steal from, or slaughter you. You could do the same to him. Instead, you each recognize that…

Empathy for others feels good, achieves good, and returns good.

This makes empathy a better social strategy than bullying force. Empathy fosters positive reciprocity.  By contrast, the “government”

These practices negate empathy. They replace positive reciprocity with political warfare. If I lose, then you impose on me, and vice versa.

If you prefer empathy to  political warfare, sign-up below.

By Jim Babka & Perry Willis


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