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You don't coerce or injure others. Why can politicians do it?
Initiated Force

What is initiated force?

Initiated force is what justifies defensive force.

What do libertarians mean when they talk about initiated force? Initiated force is like throwing the first punch. But it’s more than that. It includes using threats of violence to gain submission.

Criminals do this without trying to justify it. But the most adept gangsters — politicians — make excuses. They claim their terrorism is needed to achieve indispensable goals. Notice how twisted this is. You would never try to achieve good ends by….

  • Pointing guns at people
  • Threatening to cage people
  • Shooting people for resisting your good intentions

But that’s exactly how politicians use the “gunpoint proxy” you give them.

  • They act in your name, if not at your direction
  • Their “policies” threaten violence
  • You must obey and pay, or armed agents will harm you

Politicians hide this brutality behind weasel-words like “public policy,” “unintended consequences” and “collateral damage.” But the victims are real. We aim to “zero-out” this harm. Widespread acceptance of the Zero Aggression Principle will encourage people to…

  • Look for the gun behind every State action
  • Feel empathy for the victims
  • End initiated force

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By Jim Babka & Perry Willis

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