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You don't coerce or injure others. Why can politicians do it?

Do you know how many libertarians there are?

Shocking news. Libertarians are not rare.

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By Perry Willis

If you’re like most libertarians I’ve met, you probably think that we cannot create a more libertarian society because…

A.  We are too few in number
B.  We must convert millions of hard-core left-statists and right-statists

You may also feel despair after many failed attempts to cause such conversions. But what if I told you that such heavy lifting isn’t needed?

Consider this evidence…

  • A Reuters survey finds that 1-in-5 Americans — 64 million people! — self-identify as libertarians, while having a decent understanding of what the word means!
  • A study by the Public Religion Research Institute adds credibility. It identified 22 million people as “hardcore libertarian,” and 48 million as libertarian-leaning. 22 + 48 = 70 – very close to the 64 million found by Reuters.

But surely those people aren’t real libertarians, like you are, right?

I agree.

But even sector libertarians are people who would move the country in a libertarian direction, if only they could be mobilized for that purpose.

Sector libertarians are also people who might be susceptible to adopting limited-state or voluntaryist positions, if only they were exposed to good reasons for doing so.

This is why we created the Zero Aggression Project. We want to…

  1. Use clever interactive tools to find out who the libertarians are.
  2. Share key libertarian ideas with these people so as to deepen their libertarianism.
  3. Sell them on a strategy that will inspire them to action.

No other group has made this package of tactics their primary focus. If you want to discover thousands, and eventually millions of libertarians, activate them, and even move a chunk of them in a voluntaryist direction, then the Zero Aggression Project is what you’ve been waiting for.

Please share our Political Conscience Test and our Mental Levers with your friends via email, Facebook, or other social networking platforms.

Perry Willis is the co-creator of the Zero Aggression Project.

By: Perry Willis

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